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Links at Google Maps, OpenAPRS, aprsworld.net (more map choices), or aprs.he.fi (more location detail) to display my mobile APRS station current location.



I'm active on D-Star with an Icom IC-91AD.

There are three D-Star repeaters in the Tulsa area. Noid Wilson NM5I has installed a repeater on 443.025 with the callsign N5XP. He is in the process of connecting it to the D-Star network.

The W5IAS repeater is active on 443.000.

The KN5V repeater is active on 442.600.

The Oklahoma D-Star Blog has more information on D-Star in Oklahoma.


HSMM-MESH is High Speed Multimedia Mesh Network, or Ham Broadband. I have an active HSMM-MESH node named ka5j-n01. As of 6/11/2012 I am using the WRT54GL stock antennas, but I plan to upgrade them and move it to a higher location outside. I am located in the 81st and Sheridan area.

For more information on HSMM, visit www.hsmm-mesh.org.



I'm in the beginning stages of setting up a JNOS node in Tulsa to learn how it operates in order to become proficient in passing emergency traffic should the need arise. My address is and my hostname is ka5j.ampr.org.


Weather Pages

Weather Conditions at the house

My CWOP Weather Observation Page and My CWOP site information

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Balloon Launch 11/25/2009

My son Colin is studying Engineering at Oklahoma State University, and his Intro to Engineering class launched a balloon the Wednesday before Thanksgiving to carry aloft sensors they built to gather altitude, temperature and barometric pressure data.

The ASTRO-15 project page has details including the projected flight path and tracking frequencies. When the balloon was launched, this page at findu.com displayed the current location and altitude of the balloon. It was projected to achieve an altitude of over 85,000 feet before it burst and descended to Earth.

The balloon had APRS equipment on board to enable tracking. Since I have APRS tracking capability in the car, I was invited to help chase the balloon with Colin to find it and bring it back to retrieve the data. What a great experience for me!

UPDATE: A post-launch update has been posted at Astro-15 Post Flight Update page with cool pictures captured while in flight. It reached an altitude of 100,013 feet!


Major Computer Publication (Linux Journal) Devotes January 2010 Issue to Amateur Radio. The articles are available for download here.

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What is Amateur Radio?

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